You cannot judge or even interrogate: a schoolboy who shot his classmates will not face a crime nasshliski

One day after the offender is arrested, they must hand him over to social services, who also do not know what to do with him next.


The Finnish police have discovered the reasons for the crime that shook the entire country: the 12-year-old schoolboy who yesterday opened fire at the Viertola school suffered harassment from other students. He recently moved to this educational institution, there he had no friends.

The bullying victim turned into an attack at the beginning of a music lesson: a boy was fatally injured, two girls were in the hospital with serious injuries. One of them has roots in Kosovo (it was previously reported that all the victims and the perpetrator are ethnic Finns).

It turned out that while escaping the crime scene, the student threatened other children who were going to class more than once with a gun.

The difficulty of the investigation is that, due to his young age, a 12-year-old student cannot even be officially questioned. Furthermore, there will be no trial in this high-profile case either, for the same reason that criminal responsibility cannot be held against him (it begins at age 15).

One day after the arrest, the offender must be handed over to social services, who also do not know what to do with him next. Most likely, you will be separated from his family, but according to the law you cannot be deprived of his freedom. Formally, he was not even expelled from school; It was a decision at the municipal level.

And the fact that he may soon be free and, of course, in another school, terrifies Finnish children and parents. The day before, the most popular recommendations in the local media were the recommendations of psychologists: how to discuss this event with children, how parents should behave so as not to further traumatize children.

One thing is certain: the student will undergo a serious psychiatric examination. Furthermore, children under 15 years of age are already responsible for the damage caused. Victims and their families can seek compensation in civil court, for example, for pain or suffering. At the same time, police began a preliminary investigation into how the firearm came into the child’s hands.

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