The Yeralash children became real stars: Olga Kuzmina gave voice to Cheburashka, and Natalya Ionova became Glyuk’oZa. nasshliski

Natasha Ionova started with Jumble.

Photo: Boris KUDRYAVOV

Yeralash’s birthday is considered to be April 3, 1974, when the decision to create him was made. Director Alla Surikova (who later directed the film “The Man from the Boulevard des Capuchins”) proposed to produce a children’s analogue of the film magazine “Fitil”, which satirizes the vices of society. The party approved the idea of ​​“Wick”, which would be implemented in the film studio that bears his name. Gorky. Film scriptwriter Alexander Khmelik and 25-year-old Boris Grachevsky, who studied absentee at VGIK, were called to direct the project. By the way, because he was busy in Yeralash, Grachevsky studied there… for 23 years!

The creative team was given fair warning: the first five stories have already been approved, but everything will continue from there. It was great. By the way, Surikova herself also left her mark on the film magazine, having directed several episodes as a director. The magazine’s team of the decade remained unchanged. But in 2001, Alexander Khmelik passed away, and in 2021, Grachevsky passed away.

Starring in Yeralash was every schoolboy’s most cherished dream. A role in a film magazine meant fame throughout the Union. Thanks to him, many children became stars and began their journey in show business.

Yuri Shashurin: went to the traffic police

Yuri Shashurin did not follow the path of acting, but became a traffic police officer.

Yuri Shashurin starred in the series about the training of goalkeepers “according to the Brazilian system” (1984). However, he did not follow the path of acting and became a traffic police officer. About to leave his post, Shashurin passed the information to his successor: they say they demand 500 thousand for a job without problems in a new place. A scandal broke out and Yuri received a suspended sentence.

Pavel Kassinsky: famous loser

Pavel arrived at the filming of “Yeralash” without his father’s protection.

Pavel Kassinsky is the son of the satirist Roman Kartsev. But Pasha began filming Yeralash without the protection of his father. Then about a hundred children came to the casting. In the end, Pasha was chosen. In turn, no one on the set had any idea who Kassinsky’s son was. Pavel says that with his appearance he is condemned to playing bandits. So his career began with the role of a loser. In the first episode of Jumble, Guess It (1988), he plays Fedya Vasechkin, who, to fool the robot, disguises himself successively as an old man, a dark-skinned boy, and a girl.

After school, Pavel mastered the profession of a pharmacist. He tried to enter the Shchepkinsky Theater School, but they did not accept him. The teacher who was taking the course said, “I have nothing to teach you. You are already a professional actor.” Then Pavel studied at the Television Institute and began acting in the television series “Soldiers”, “Traffic Light”, “SashaTanya”. Last year he announced the creation of his own private theater.

Vladimir Sychev: “according to the Brazilian system”

The phrase “according to the Brazilian system” became a slogan and became popular among the people.

For today’s teenagers, Vladimir Sychev is the star of the television series “Fizruk” and an advertisement for a telephone company. And for Soviet children, the actor who starred in the series “Jumble”, called “The Brazilian System.” He was only 12 years old then. The phrase “according to the Brazilian system” became a slogan and became popular among the people. Vladimir graduated from GITIS and actively acts. By the way, in one of the episodes of Fizruk, Vladimir’s character Psycho hit a messenger with the words: “Catch the Brazilian system.”

Olga Kuzmina: star of the television series

Olga even appeared on the screens in the role of a teacher.

Olga, at the age of 13, starred in several episodes of Jumble, and continued filming as she became an adult. In 2014 she appeared on the screens in the series “Oh, I’m afraid!” as teacher. In 2008 she graduated from GITIS and became an actress at Teatro Luna. Now Olga has roles in the television series “Kitchen”, “Happy Together”, “Hotel Eleon”. It is the voice of Olya that Cheburashka speaks in the film of the same name.

Ekaterina Vulichenko: she forgot about mathematics

Ekaterina graduated from the Shchepkinsky School and worked at the Modern Theater and the Moscow Theater of Film Actors.

Katya Vulichenko studied at a school with a mathematical bias and did not think about becoming an actress. But filming “Jumble” changed everything. The girl made her debut in the series “She and Him” ​​and decided to connect her life with cinema. Vulichenko graduated from the Shchepkinsky School, worked at the Modern Theater and the Moscow Theater of Film Actors. She played in the films: “Star”, “The Motherland Awaits”, “First After God”, “State Counciler”, “Cipher”.

Misha Kazakov: the path to “Daddy’s Daughters”

Misha acted in 22 episodes of the film magazine. This is what Kazakov looks like now.

Misha Kazakov starred in 22 episodes of Jumble. In 2005, a 16-year-old boy became involved in a bad story. In the entrance of a house in Tver, he stabbed a 20-year-old friend of his friend in the heart. According to Mikhail, the boy attacked the girl and defended her. Misha served a year in prison. The case was reclassified as excessive self-defense and later concluded after the parties reconciled.

Kazakov’s best moment was the series “Daddy’s Daughters.” Photo: Frame from the film.

Mikhail managed to return to the cinema and participated in the television series “Daddy’s Daughters”, where he starred from 2009 to 2013. He then acted in two more films and then went to work, opening his own clothing store in Tver. Kazakov has no acting education, he graduated from the Legal and Financial Academy.

In 2020, a man suffered serious leg injuries after falling from the fifth floor. Kazakov’s wife left him after 10 years of marriage and took her son Miroslav with her. The ex-wife, in turn, insisted that she left Mikhail because he was a tyrant at home and addicted to illegal substances.

Natasha Ionova: from screen to singer

Ionova appeared in several episodes of the television magazine. Photo: Frame from the film.

Natasha Ionova also started Jumble. When the girl arrived on the set, she was only 11 years old. She surprised everyone with her abilities, and the creators of the magazine even decided to extend her cameo. Ionova starred in several episodes of the television magazine, and in 1999, director Vladimir Alenikov (“The Adventures of Petrov and Vasechkin”) invited her to play a role in the film “The War of the Princesses.” Two years later, the country recognized Natasha as a singer under the pseudonym Glyuk’oZa.

Pavel Stepanov: the main hooligan of the USSR

Pavel Stepanov’s career in Yeralash turned out to be record-breaking.

Pavel Stepanov is Yeralash’s bully Vasya. It seems that the image of him terrified all the teachers in the USSR. Pasha was born in Leningrad, then moved to Moscow and in 1975 began to act in a film revue. Pavel’s career in Yeralash turned out to be record-breaking. He starred in it until 2013, 38 years old! True, Stepanov did not want to connect his life with professional acting. After serving in the army, he entered the Polytechnic and received the profession of technician in repair and maintenance of radio equipment.

Fedya Stukov: got the role of Tom Sawyer

Fedor began performing in Yeralash at the age of 7.

Fedya Stukov, who starred in many famous films, was born into a family that had nothing to do with cinema. Mom is a literary editor, dad is an engineer. Despite this, Fedya found himself in a creative whirlwind from early childhood. He sang in the Gosteleradio choir under the direction of Viktor Popov and actively acted in cinema. A Mosfilm employee saw the bright boy on the street and invited him to the studio. When Fedya was 6 years old, Nikita Mikhalkov called him to watch the film “A Few Days in the Life of II Oblomov.” Then there were the films “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn”, “Kin”, where he played the girl Irishka, and many other works.

At the age of 7, Fedya began performing in Yeralash. His career in a film magazine began with the role of a schoolboy, and in 2007, 35-year-old Fedya played a father. After school, Fedor graduated from the Shchukin School and went to Germany, where he performed in the theater. He but he didn’t put down roots and returned home to work in television. Stukov presented the programs “Lego-Go!”, “Under 16 years and older”, “World Giveaway”. And then he dedicated himself to directing. The first reality show “Behind the Glass” is his work, as well as the popular series “Fizruk” and “The Eighties.”

Sasha Loye: success in advertising

Alexander Loye entered the Shchepkinsky School and continues to act in films.

The freckled, red-haired and very spontaneous boy couldn’t stay away from the movies. Loye appeared in Yeralash more than once or twice! There were also advertisements for soft drinks and the film Next, in which he starred alongside Alexander Abdulov. Sasha entered the Shchepkinsky school and continues to act in films. Loye has outgrown his childhood charm, but he has acquired mastery: in 2014 he received an award at the Together film festival for his “vivid embodiment of the images of our contemporaries.”

Yulia Volkova: “tattoo”

After filming Yeralash, Yulia, together with Lena Katina, was chosen to be part of the group Tatu.

Dark-haired “tattoo artist” Yulia Volkova began her career in show business with the film magazine “Yeralash”. She can be seen in the episodes “Help Me Out” and “Mannequin.” However, filming was not Yulia’s only hobby. She studied piano at a music school and sang in the children’s group “Fidgets.” In fact, music became her life’s work. At the age of 14, Yulia Volkova successfully passed the casting and became the lead singer of the Tatu group.


How the name came about

The name of the magazine “Fitilek” was rejected by Sergei Mikhalkov, the editor-in-chief of the adult magazine “Fitilek”. Boris Grachevsky admitted in an interview that the word “Yeralash” was invented for the magazine by Alexander Khmelik’s 13-year-old daughter. But supposedly to make it more interesting, the team spread a rumor that the word “Jumble” was suggested by one of the participants in the contest announced on television.

At first, “Jumble” was shown in theaters before movies. The public received it with joy. Sometimes the comedy episodes were much more interesting than the main movie! At the same time, each film magazine necessarily had a moral component: it taught what is good and what is bad, and ridiculed the bad qualities of schoolchildren.


Shainsky’s music was rejected.

The adult stars had no qualms about appearing in the film magazine. Over the decades, Valentin Gaft, Lev Durov, Spartak Mishulin, Gennady Khazanov, Sergei Garmash, Alexander Pankratov-Cherny, Philip Kirkorov and Efim Shifrin have appeared there.

First of all, the music for the project was written by Vladimir Shainsky. But he had to cut a lot of the words written by Alexander Khmelik. This did not suit the authors. As a result, the film magazine features the music of Alexey Rybnikov.

For the first 20 years, Elena Kamburova joyfully sang the lines “Boys and Girls.” Then came the recordings of the Fidgets ensemble.

Now “Yeralash” has almost 4 million subscribers on YouTube.

More than 700 issues of the film magazine were published.

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