The XTB broker exceeds one million clients globally after doubling them since 2021 nasshliski

The fintech XTB has reached more than one million clients. The achievement of the company, which offers an online investment platform and a mobile application, lands after three years of having expanded its offering with new products such as stocks and ETFs.

Specifically, the broker, which has experienced growth internationally by doubling its number of clients since the end of 2021, aims to “make investment more accessible to everyone, especially to those seeking greater control of their finances.” “. “, as the company itself has indicated in a press release.

During 2023, 312,000 clients used the ‘XTB App’ and the digital platform aimed at investing their capital in the financial markets. The record in 2023 results, with a net profit of 175 million euros and revenues of 351 million euros, comes after the growth of the database, together with the high volatility of the financial markets.

“While we are a profitable Fintech, we seek greater growth in terms of financial performance, customer base and product offering. We want to be the leading investment app in Europe, offering our clients a wide variety of financial products in which to invest and save,” explains Omar Arnaout, CEO of XTB. “In 2024 we plan to add bonuses, retirement products and a virtual wallet with a multi-currency card, so we plan an increase of between 65,000 and 90,000 new clients per quarter,” he adds.

Launch of new financial products

In the coming months, XTB has set the goal of continuing to expand its product portfolio and add services and solutions. During the first half of the year XTB is focusing on introducing ‘Social’, a new service that will allow customers to follow the best XTB investors, but also their friends and family. “‘Social’ provides information about your portfolio composition, risk tolerance and current transactions thanks to push notifications that follow each transaction,” the company explains.

For its part, the second quarter of 2024 marks the arrival of bonds as another type of asset to the XTB portfolio. The offering includes government and corporate bonds, issued by renowned global companies with a relative safety ratio (from AAA to BBB-).

By the end of the year, xtb is looking to introduce a product that offers customers to manage their finances on the go. “A virtual wallet integrated with a multi-currency card, which will allow them to make payments, transfers, exchange currency and invest,” says XTB, who hopes that the strategy will accelerate its current transformation as a company and preferred investment App.

XTB is a global financial technology company that offers individual investors instant access to the financial markets through its online investment platform and the XTB mobile application. In addition, it serves as a tool to analyze the market and train with a library of educational materials, videos, webinars and courses.

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