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The regular championship of the Men’s Super League is approaching its end and the matches in each round become more interesting. The 22nd round was no exception: in the central match, the Belgorod “lions” received the fiery “Lokomotiv” from Novosibirsk instead.

Both teams tried hard in the previous matches, playing five games each: Lokomotiv was able to recover from 0:2 against Zenit St. Petersburg, and Belgorod recovered from 1:2 in the match against Dinamo. Moscow.

The leaders’ matches were simply intense:

Super matches of the best in volleyball! “Loko” left with 0:2, “Belogorye” squeezed its direct competitors

If Loko failed in the penultimate round against Shakhtar, Belgorod, on the contrary, has an excellent streak of victories over the teams in the leading group. And Alexander Volkov’s team continued this series as usual.

It is curious that Lokomotiv only lost one element against Belogorye: the block (7:15). For the rest, the railroaders were superior to their opponents: in attack 45% against 42%, in serves 10:8, in reception 39% positive against 18%. But even 40 errors from the Lions did not help the Novosibirsk team win the match.

“Belogorye” had the usual six, but Plamen Konstantinov started the game with a rather unexpected combination: Igor Tisevich took the place of the setter, and Sergei Savin and Denis Karyagin came out as a pair of finishers. Konstantin Abaev only occasionally appeared on the pitch as part of a double substitution along with diagonal forward Pavel Kruglov.

Already at the beginning of the first game, a fight broke out, so tenacious that all teams used up all video views until halfway through the set. And the main and decisive factor in the victory of the “Lions” in the game, as well as in the match as a whole, was one element – blocking. The Belgorod team read the game and managed to catch Lokomotiv’s attacks with a triple block (six “covers” for the home team compared to one for the guests in the first set). The railwaymen had a big problem implementing the wingers: the finishers scored two of 11 attacks between them, and Lokomotiv’s calling card, an attack from the center, did not work, with only five shots between them. Belgorod took the match with a score of 25:23.

International Exhibition Complex “Belogorye”


However, as soon as Savin and Karyagin (among them seven implemented attacks out of 11) got involved in the attack, the pattern of the game immediately changed, and now “Belogorye” had the role of catching up with the entire second game. A shot from Savin brought the score to 12:7, serves from Dmitry Lyzik and Ilya Kazachenkov increased the lead to eight goals. And Loko maintained this comfortable lead until the end of the set. And there Karyagin made a series of excellent attacks: first he got a set point for his team and then converted it (25:16).

Lokomotiv could have taken the third game, but lost it, giving the opponent the opportunity to recover by 17:21. The game was tied until the middle of the set (16:16), then Savin and Kazachenkov joined in, and the railroaders led with a “+4” advantage. However, with Al Khachdadi’s serve, the “lions” tied – 21:21. The guests were the first to look for set points, but could not convert them. Loko had two such opportunities and both failed. But when the Belogorye legionnaires managed to organize such an opportunity for their team, Pavel Tetyukhin immediately took the game with a beautiful ace: 27:25.

The fourth set was not without changes. At first, the Novosibirsk team easily earned its “+5”. Then the “lions” restored the balance with their tenacious defense, blocking and powerful attack by the Moroccan – 11:11. Ilyas Kurkaev restored the lead to his team with two aces. And then the Belgorod team took the lead, but also did not take advantage of the opportunities presented to them. The excellent serve of the railwaymen organized a poor reception for the locals and passed the ball to Sergei Savin, who dragged the match to the fifth game.

International Exhibition Complex “Belogorye”


Kurbanov and Masliev remained in their teams’ starting lineups in the fifth set. The locals started the shortened set stronger, making the score 3:0 and forcing Konstantinov to call a timeout. Then, attacks from Loko’s finishers and Kazachenkov’s ace arrived in time to reduce the gap to one point. But thanks to the efforts of Al Khachdadi, Belogorye changed sides with a comfortable “+3”. Lokomotiv tried to catch up, but Belgorod’s unstoppable diagonal first passed directly again and then reinforced the Belgorod team’s advantage with an attack. Kurbanov was able to recover a match point and went to serve himself. Volkov took two breaks in a row under the opponent’s serve and the second attempt was successful – Kurbanov made an error (15:12). Another leader of the championship could not resist the Belgorod “lions”.

Pari Super League – preliminary phase (m). 22nd round

February 11, 2024, Sunday. 18:00 Moscow time





Belogorye: Chekmizov, Tsepkov, Zhogov, Alexandrov, Moldavsky, Masliev, Tetyukhin, Gabelko, Bragin, Al Khachdadi, Poroshin, Chervyakov, Podrebinkin, Zabolotnikov, Krotkov, Shtyblov, Jinyin, Galimov

Lokomotiv: Martynyuk, Melkozerov, Tisevich, Atanasov, Molotkov, Abaev, Savin, Brazhnyuk, Ashifin, Vishnyakov, Gulyaev, Nutfullin, Kruglov, Lyzik, Kazachenkov, Karyagin, Efremov, Kurkaev, Dragunov, Kurbanov, Kostadinov

Lokomotiv coach Plamen Konstantinov spoke about the choice of the starting eleven and missed opportunities after the match:

“The choice of the starting eleven is because it is difficult to play with a six every three days. There were certain problems: Omar had a fever for two days after St. Petersburg and I finally started it. Abaev also had problems for two days: he got swollen after he arrived, so we decided to give others a chance to play for a while. I think this did not affect the match, as we fought and had our opportunities. I think the third game, in which we led 21:17, had an impact. If we had not lost the initiative, the match could have ended 3:1 in our favor, since we later managed to take the fourth. But we must give Belogorye his due. They fought for every point and turned the tide in the third game. “I think that was a key moment for them that later helped them win the game.”

The most productive player on the winning team was Mohamed Al Khachdadi: the Moroccan scored 29 points (21 attacks, 5 serves and 3 blocks). Lokomotiv includes Ilya Kazachenkov, who scored 14 points (11 attacks, 2 serves and 1 block). Finalists Savin and Karyagin scored 13 each.

After the 22nd round, the position in the standings did not change: the Novosibirsk team remained in second place, chasing the Kazan team, but already one game behind. The Belgorod “Lions”, having won, closed in on Dinamo Moscow, and now only a couple of points separate Alexander Volkov’s team from third place.

In the next round, Belogorye will play at home against Zenit St. Petersburg. The railwaymen will play on the road again and will visit Dynamo from Sosnovy Bor.

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