Natasha Koroleva’s mother danced in minishorts on the streets of Miami on her 78th birthday nasshliski

Natasha Koroleva and her mother Lyudmila Rip.

Photo: Evgenia GUSEVA

A few days ago, Natalya Koroleva flew to the United States: the singer went to Miami to celebrate her mother’s birthday. On February 12, Lyudmila Poryvay turned 78 years old. On social networks, the artist shared images of a family celebration.

On her personal blog, Natasha posted a joint photo with her mother and sister Irina, and briefly captioned it: “Mommy! Happy Birthday!”.

The singer posted a photo with her mother and sister Irina. Photo: social networks.

Additionally, the singer posted an incendiary video filmed at the Miami cruise port. In the video, Natasha and her mother dance to a happy tune. At the same time, Natasha dresses much more modestly than her 78-year-old father. Lyudmila Poryvay dressed in a bright blouse with a floral print and mini denim shorts. The star’s mother dances happily to the music, moving quite vigorously for her advanced age.

Natasha recorded another video in her parents’ apartment: she captured how mom Lyuda was given a bouquet of pink roses. It turned out that the flowers were sent by Koroleva’s husband, Sergei Glushko. Tarzan did not fly with his wife to Miami, but he did not forget to congratulate his mother-in-law.

In the video, Natasha and her mother dance to a happy tune. Photo: video box.

It is known that serious disagreements arose between Sergei and Natalya’s mother after the start of the SVO. Glushko, as a former officer, supported Russia’s position in the special operation in Ukraine. While Lyudmila Poryvay expressed in every possible way her sympathy for the kyiv regime. Apparently, it took a lot of effort for Natalya to reconcile her husband and her mother. That is why the Queen published a video on social networks with Tarzan’s bouquet, wanting to show that everything is in order in her family.

TV presenter Yana Poplavskaya recently spoke about difficult relationships in the star family. She described everything that was happening in the Queen’s house as a great tragedy.

“From my point of view, this is a family tragedy, because I am sure that Natasha is suffering from this. “When families separate, when they have different opinions on the political situation, then all this monstrously destroys family ties,” the “Little Red Riding Hood” star said on the YouTube show “Sorry, This is a Joke.”

Natasha captured how mom Lyuda was given a bouquet of pink roses. Photo: video box.

Poplavskaya believes that Koroleva’s mother, as a person who has lived for a long time in the United States, observes other people’s pain from the outside. And that’s why it’s so easy to make hasty statements.

“Being in Miami and living comfortably, it is very good to talk about how much you love your country, Ukraine. It’s like, you know, observing someone else’s pain from the outside. Very strange. Is it true?” – Poplavskaya emphasized.

The singer’s mother left for the United States in the early 90s. The star’s parents decided to move after she was widowed. After settling abroad, Lyudmila Poryvay met a new love: a rich widower. Originally from the USSR, Igor Elperin founded a chain of Russian restaurants in Miami. He proposed to her. Poryvay married him and was forever freed from material problems.

Lyudmila also receives an American pension. Poryvay once admitted that she had never worked a day in the United States. But, nevertheless, there she receives good money: a minimum old-age pension.

– In the United States I receive a pension. “I have not worked a single day and I have an old-age pension of 600 dollars (about 55 thousand rubles – Ed.) – said the singer’s mother.

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