Marlon Brando would have turned 100 years old on April 3. We remember the best roles of the star – Rossiyskaya Gazeta nasshliski

“A Streetcar Named Desire” (1951)


Marlon Brando plays an absolutely negative character here: the rude Stanley Kowalski. He lives in the poorest area of ​​New Orleans with his pregnant wife, who abandoned his family and his inheritance for him. The unstable idyll collapses with the arrival of his wife’s sister, the decadent and once dazzlingly beautiful Blanche Dubois. Representatives of two different worlds begin to irritate each other from the first seconds. But even in anger and sarcasm, this hero played by Brando is distinguished by a peculiar charm.

At that time, the not yet very famous young actor became a partner of one of the main Hollywood icons – Vivien Leigh. After the release of this film, Brando instantly became a major star and forced young people across America to copy his unique style.

“In the port” (1954)


The film earned Marlon Brando his first Oscar. Here he plays the role of a hard-working ex-boxer with a charming smile. The actor was 30 years old at the time and was the youngest Best Actor winner at the time. In total, the film received eight Oscars and four Golden Globes.

The story is based on documentary material about corruption in union organizations. Brando created on the screen the image of Terry Malloy, who had to face the arbitrariness of union bosses and the results of their atrocities. Marlon Brando managed to show how a person who decides to fight against injustice changes little by little.

“The Chase” (1966)


This is a reinvention of the classic American western with unexpected plot twists. The action takes place in Texas in the 60s, and the main villains are not bandits, but ordinary people, crazy with rage. The only real criminal, Bubber Reeves, played by Robert Redford, is quite likeable. After all, he just wants to hide quietly because of the murder charges he didn’t commit, but fate brings him to his hometown. Former neighbors, acquaintances and friends announce a real hunt for Reeves, which ultimately turns them into wild animals.

Marlon Brando plays Sheriff Calder in the film. This role was unusual for the actor, because his character does not pretend to be a “complicated guy” and from the first minutes he gives the impression of a classic hero. The sheriff was recently sent to town and the locals treat him with some caution. It is he who stands between the victim and the angry crowd to save the man he was ordered to arrest.

“The Godfather” (1972)


The cult film would not have been so popular without the charisma of the boss of the mafia clan, Don Vito Corleone, an iconic role for Brando. The actor was able to create the image not of an ordinary bandit, but of the head of the family who strictly adheres to his principles of justice. For those around him, he is a judge, a wise man and almost a god: he helps, punishes and consoles in difficult times. Don Corleone runs a criminal business against a backdrop of moral decline in the family and difficult times that will spare no one. The actor emphasized that this film does not whitewash the mafia, but rather tells the story of a strong man who faces a difficult destiny with his own methods.

Marlon Brando got so used to the image of the Italian mobster that, according to rumors, in the Little Italy district of Manhattan he was not allowed to pay the bill in any restaurant.

“Last Tango in Paris” (1972)


The public was outraged by the film’s overly explicit scenes, which now, however, would seem normal to the viewer. Only years later did critics recognize the value of this moving story that Marlon Brando and his partner Maria Schneider dared to tell on the screen. In the painting there is a man tired of life, who instantly became an old man after the loss of his wife, and a very young and naive girl.

Director Bernardo Bertolucci created a picture about the inevitable change of generations and how people changed with the arrival of the turbulent 70s. But the main thing is that this is a film about scary, wrong and destructive, but still true love. . This role was a salvation for Brando, who was going through a prolonged creative crisis. It was with his help that he once again proved to himself that he was capable of embodying complex and multi-layered characters on screen.

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