“I talked for 10 minutes with the head referee of the KHL.” Tolchinsky – about the scandal in the Avangard game – SKA nasshliski

“I talked for 10 minutes with the head referee of the KHL.” Tolchinsky – about the scandal in the Avangard game – SKA

Dmitry Storozhev February 12, 2024, 08:15 Moscow time

And also about why the new army stadium is better than the one in Omsk.

Yesterday, February 11, SKA played for the first time in the new stadium, setting a record for indoor stadium attendance in the KHL. 21,481 spectators saw how the author of the first goal in the history of the SKA Arena in the league was the military striker Serguei Tolchinsky, who scored a double in this match.

Historic match report

SKA has moved to the largest stadium on the planet! And he immediately set a world record.

Just five days earlier, during a match against Avangard, Sergei suffered a harsh attack from Omsk forward Nikita Kholodilin and was forced to end the match early, while neither the referees nor the KHL Disciplinary and Sports Committee applied no force at all for the 21-year-old. There are no sanctions for the Hawks player. This episode was the subject of numerous discussions and the reason for the scandalous correspondence dispute between the team’s coaches at a press conference.

In a post-match conversation with a “Championship” correspondent, Tolchinsky talked about this power move, talked about a 10-minute conversation with KHL head referee Alexei Anisimov, and also explained why the SKA Arena is better than the G-Drive Arena in Omsk.

—How do you feel after the power move in the match with Avangard? – I feel good now. The first few days, of course, I didn’t feel very well. My head hurt quite a bit. When they hit me, at first it seemed like my whole body hurt. My head didn’t even hurt that much: my chest hurt and it was hard to breathe. The next day I had a headache, I spent two days in bed recovering. Maybe it’s even good that they hit me: I had a couple of days off, I recovered and today I was full of strength (laughs).

— From your point of view, was Kholodilina’s power clean? — I don’t know about the purity of the force. The judges, of course, settled it. For me, to be honest, it is a controversial point: in the morning I even spoke with Alexey Anisimov for about 10 minutes. I was just trying to understand why there was no elimination, because on my end it seemed like there was a stab in the back. But it’s a game, it happens. I don’t think Kholodilin did this on purpose. After the game he wrote to me and apologized, we talked, everything is fine. I think it’s just dangerous. The very moment of being stabbed in the back is dangerous. I don’t know, the moment seemed to be ordered at different speeds. But for me this is a controversial point.

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—How did Anisimov explain the situation? —He said that it was not a late power move. Although I ran out of the drive, I got rid of it not long ago. She said there was no push on board as I was close to the board. As for backstabbing, as I understand it, the rule of being kicked out for backstabbing simply does not exist in the KHL now. It is a controversial issue that must be resolved. Maybe some adjustments should be made to the rules. It’s really hard to say. It seemed to me that there was an elimination. Some people thought not. Difficult decision.

— Damir Sharipzyanov said that the Omsk stadium is better than the SKA Arena. -He was only here in the All-Star Game. I just played here and I will say that St. Petersburg is really the best stadium I have ever played in. Omsk also has a great stadium, well built and with a great atmosphere. But here the arena is twice as big: there are 12 thousand, here 21. This is a different level. The scale is simply impressive, it is a real thrill.

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