I served time for drugs and decided to speak out. What will Greiner’s book be about? nasshliski

I served time for drugs and decided to speak out. What will Greiner’s book be about?

Vitaly Vesely February 12, 2024, 07:45 Moscow time Audio version: Your browser does not support the audio element.

Brittney wrote a memoir about her imprisonment in Russia, in which she will share her version of what happened.

American basketball player Brittney Greiner hasn’t been in the news very often recently. But in the period from February to December 2022, the athlete practically did not leave them. She would still do it! NBA Women’s Champion. Gold medalist of the Olympic Games and World Championships. Multiple champion of Russia. Winner of numerous individual awards. And she ended up behind bars. The background is not worth telling, but in summary, it was like this: in February, a basketball player was detained at Sheremetyevo airport with hashish oil vaporizer cartridges. The girl claimed that a doctor prescribed her cannabis in the United States, but she admitted her guilt. The court sentenced Greiner to nine years in prison for drug trafficking. She served her sentence in a general regime colony. In December she was freed as a result of an exchange for Russian Viktor Bout, who was imprisoned in the United States, and she returned to her homeland. At first there was still a lot of talk about Brittney, but little by little everything faded away.

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“I do not deserve it!” Greiner had to remain silent after returning to the US.

Greiner herself reminded me of herself. On her social networks, the athlete talked about her book, which will be available to read in the spring. What is this book? Memories of imprisonment in the Russian Federation. The basketball player did not reveal all the details, but showed the cover with the title (“Homecoming”), adding a small announcement message: “Homecoming.” May 7, 2024. This is a story of hope and survival, of before and after. As she prepared to travel to Russia, the place she considered her second home, she was excited about the opportunity to win another title. For eight seasons I played there, won and just lived. But one day, being on the other side of the world, I woke up in a state that I wouldn’t wish on anyone.

Coming Home is a diary of my pains and regrets. But ultimately, this book is the story of how my family, my faith, and the support of millions of people who came together to save me helped me survive that nightmare.”

Brittney Greiner at a press conference

Photo: Matt York/AP/TASS

There is really very little information about the athlete’s autobiography at the moment. According to the American press, it is known that the basketball player will describe life in Russia before her imprisonment, and will also talk about the difficulties she had to face in the context of the country’s judicial system after the start of the criminal case. . . She will also tell about “the harsh and surreal time of life in a Russian prison and the terrifying moments of everyday life during that difficult time.” Her memoirs will be published in hardcover, e-book, and audio formats. In addition, Greiner does not hide that through the book he will try to draw attention to the criminal cases of other Americans held in prisons abroad, including journalist Evan Gershkovich (by the way, Tucker Carlson asked Vladimir Putin about him in a recent interview ). .

It is also known that Greiner will appear on the popular American show “Good Morning America” ​​​​in the spring to give an exclusive interview about the book.

Should we expect harsh words from Brittney against the Russian Federation? It seems not. The athlete received a lot of support in the country: from UMMC, for which she competed, to ordinary people who are not particularly interested in basketball. According to the basketball player’s lawyer, Alexander Boykov (already her ex, of course), her cellmates were literally in love with her and she developed friendly relationships with many of them.

The American herself, after her return to the United States, also remembered the Yekaterinburg team without a second thought: “Brittney emphasized that she would never set foot in Europe again. Not because she is afraid, but nowhere will there be conditions like those at UMMC,” said the former captain of the Yekaterinburg team, Evgenia Belyakova, about her correspondence with the American.

What the American basketball player wrote about the difficult Russian experience in 2022 will be known in the near future. Will the book contain criticism of Russia and calls for his fellow athletes not to come to the largest country in the world? Apparently not. After all, Greiner herself claimed that she had broken the law and it would be absurd to claim otherwise now.

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