Growing exponentially: Actor Igor Petrenko’s multimillion-dollar alimony debt to his ex-wife has doubled nasshliski

Date: February 13, 2024 Time: 22:34:05

Christina Brodskaya gave birth to the actor three more beautiful daughters PHOTO: Igor Petrenko’s personal page on social networks

Actor Igor Petrenko’s multimillion-dollar debt for child support for his two children with his ex-wife Ekaterina Klimova is growing by leaps and bounds. If just a few weeks ago it was 2 million 806 thousand rubles, now, according to the FSSP, it has already exceeded 9 million 203 thousand rubles. The bailiffs are constantly looking for the artist.

Recall that the actress Ekaterina Klimova was Petrenko’s second wife. After the divorce, they decided not to sue for alimony, but to reach an agreement, but then Igor could not even think that in a couple of years he would become the father of many children – his new chosen one, actress Kristina Brodskaya. She gave birth to three more beautiful daughters. We must also take care of them.

The actor is wanted by the bailiffs PHOTO: FSSSP website

At the beginning of 2023, the artist already tried to sue his ex-wife, but the court rejected the attempt to change the amount and method of collecting alimony. Meanwhile, the debt continues to pile up… There was a time when the new wife even sold the children’s things to help her beloved with finances. But, according to the lawyer, only one thing can help the actor: Brodskaya must also apply for alimony so that the court has grounds to “cut off” the amount of payments to the children from her first marriage.

“The alimony payer may have ten children, but that does not mean that he spends money on all of them,” star lawyer Sergei Zhorin told KP.RU. – Before the court, to reduce the amount of alimony, it is necessary to prove not only the presence of other children, but also the fact that the person supports them.


The new wife even sells things for children: actor Igor Petrenko has accumulated a multimillion-dollar debt for alimony with his ex-wife

Actor Igor Petrenko has accumulated a multimillion-dollar alimony debt (more details)

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