Eighth day of farmers protests: cuts in Catalonia and with the focus on France nasshliski

On the eighth day of tractor trailers and demonstrations, the caravans circulating in Catalonia, which are blocking access to Mercabarna, the port of Tarragona and want to cause cuts on the French border, mark the beginning of the eighth day of protests by the Spanish farmers and ranchers, which also affect other roads in the country.

Catalan farmers, called by Unió de Pagesos, have blocked roads in Girona and Barcelona, ​​cuts that are also recorded in other parts of the country as a result of rural mobilizations, in protest against European policies and the crisis in the sector. . .

According to the General Directorate of Traffic, in Andalusia the cuts affect the roads of Seville (A-4 Écija, A-92 Las Monjas), Cádiz (A-381 Jerez de la Frontera, A-7 Cortijillos), Granada (A- 92 Peñuelas); in Extremadura (N-435 Almendral, in Badajoz) and in Castilla-La Mancha (A-3 Belinchón, Cuenca).

On the contrary, the agricultural organizations decided to call off the mobilizations planned for the International Agricultural Machinery Fair (FIMA) in Zaragoza, so as not to harm the event, one of the most important in the sector.

Which protests lose and gain strength?

On the other hand, the rural mobilizations will be amplified tomorrow, February 14, because one of the busiest demonstrations is planned, with protests in Burgos, Cuenca, Guadalajara, Jaén, Málaga, Palencia, Santiago de Compostela, Seville, Toledo, Valladolid, the port of Motril (Granada) and Mercamadrid (Madrid). The demonstrations scheduled by the majority agrarian organizations -Asaja, COAG and UPA- are expanding, and between theirs and those of the Unión de Uniones they will exceed 40 actions in February.

On the contrary, the protests that were promoted by WhatsApp and social networks in the first days and by the 6F platform, which now talks about changing strategy and plans to release animals, are losing prominence. In addition, the autonomous transporters and SMEs grouped in the National Platform for the Defense of Transport have decided to call off the indefinite strike that had been called this weekend.

However, new followers are expected from the fishing sector, since the fishmongers’ association Fedepesca has approved joining the rural mobilizations – as long as they do not impede food transit -, while the brotherhoods, shipowners and aquaculturists do so. They will confirm this week.

📢🚜We update the roads that remain impassable due to agricultural marches.



➡️A-4 Écija.➡️A-92 Las Monjas.


➡️A-381 A-381 Jerez de la Frontera.



➡️N-435 Almendral. pic.twitter.com/oPwkxxUr89

– General Traffic Director (@DGTes) February 13, 2024

Among the incidents, three farmers who were participating in a cut on the A-92 in Arahal (Seville) and a civil guard were injured this Monday, when they were hit by a car whose driver fled and was later arrested. In solidarity with the countryside, the Valencia City Council of Don Juan (León) and a wide representation of companies have postponed the February Fair, which was going to start on the 15th, for two weeks.

The consequences in Brussels

On the other hand, the European Commission (EC) published this Monday in the Official Journal of the EU the exceptions to the barbecue obligations established by the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), a decision that can be understood as a movement in the face of protests . agricultural crops from other European countries from which the Spanish countryside has been infected.

It is about repealing during 2024 the rule that forces farmers to keep part of their land uncultivated, so that, with the exemption, producers will be able to plant 4% of their land as lentils, peas or beans.

Within the Spanish Government’s agenda for this week, the Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, Luis Planas, will chair tomorrow the Plenary Session of the Food Chain Observatory – with all the representatives of the primary sector, industry and distribution – .

In Italy, the Government will cut personal income tax, among other measures, for protesting farmers, a decision that will help call off the protests, although some groups have announced that they will continue with their mobilizations.

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