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The Dragon Ball series is one of the most loved by many as it gave us intense battles between heroes and villains, just as the Z Warriors proved to be very skillful, but the girl power was there to help in some way.

One of the favorite characters is Milk, Goku’s wife, who surprised us from the moment we met her, having excellent fighting skills that she learned from her father to protect herself, and this somehow managed to captivate Goku.

Classic version of Milk in Dragon Ball

Via Instagram, cosplay model Fabibiworld gave an incredible interpretation of this Dragon Ball character, which she gave a very special look to, and also brought back one of the outfits that fans love so much.

We know that Milk’s personality is quite strong and this could also be a big factor for Goku to stay by her side as she has proven to be very strong in the face of any adversity.

Source: Instagram/fabibiworldcosplay

It is clear that the cosplayer respects the essence of the character, such as her long shiny black hair that attracts attention wherever she goes and her eyes hypnotize anyone who looks at them, even her enemies will not resist.

Meanwhile, he wears the costume that appeared in the original series: blue two-piece armor that goes with a green cape, special gloves for striking, and a pair of pink boots, but all tailored to his adult figure.

Without a doubt, Milk will return to the old days to fight enemies and thus help his husband, son and friends who are responsible for protecting the Earth.

What do you think of this version of Milk from Dragon Ball?


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