Doctors warned Lena Katina, who gave birth to a millionaire with cancer: this is what they said nasshliski

Lena Katina with her husband Dmitry Spiridonov.

Photo: Ivan MAKEEV

In July 2023, the former soloist of the Tatu group Lena Katina became a mother for the second time. The singer gave birth to a son from her husband, businessman Dmitry Spiridonov. The happy parents named the boy Demyan. Lena and Dmitry really wanted to have a child, but they had to approach pregnancy planning especially seriously and responsibly.

The situation was complicated by the diagnosis of the singer’s chosen one. Dmitry has been fighting thyroid cancer for many years. In recent years he was in remission, but in 2021 the disease reappeared. Spiridonov underwent chemotherapy treatment and only after a successful result did he propose to Lena. The artist talked about how they planned the birth of an heir on the show “It’s Just Such Genetics.”

“He proposed to me after returning from treatment. She traveled abroad and received chemotherapy treatment. When she arrived, she said, “Now is the time,” Katina remembers.

The artist and businessman got married in 2022. Doctors warned the couple that a certain amount of time must pass between chemotherapy and conceiving a child. The newlyweds waited the necessary time and only then tried to become parents. They had a completely healthy baby.

“Everything is fine. The only thing is that we had to maintain a time interval between treatment and conception, and we did it,” says Lena.

Dmitry with his son. Photo: social networks.

Dmitry is the co-founder and CEO of CloudPayments, a payment processing center. He has a successful business, Spiridonov is a dollar millionaire. Therefore, neither he nor his wife have to worry about income. Dmitry happily takes care of his son and drops everything for the baby’s sake.

“My husband is a businessman and lately he has become so involved in the role of father that he started writing his own blog, called “I am dad.” By the way, we had disagreements on this issue, because I was against showing a small child in the media. I had my first photo session with my eldest son when he was already five years old,” said Katina.

Dmitry’s cancer relapsed in June 2021. He admitted that he had almost given up because he was tired of fighting the disease. But then he met Lena Katina. They met at his birthday party. Friends invited the former “tatushka” to perform several hits. Their romance broke out quickly, but the lovers were in no hurry to make plans for the future, since both already had the bitter experience of divorce behind them. But still, a year after the meeting they got married. The newlyweds did not have a big ceremony and got married at the MFC on Dmitry’s birthday.

For 42-year-old Spiridonov, Demyan became the first child, and for 39-year-old Lena, the second. The singer also has an eight-year-old son, Sasha, from her previous marriage to Slovenian rock musician Sasho Kuzmanovic. Katina and Kuzmanovich married in 2013. In 2015 the couple had a son, but in 2019 the couple separated.

According to Katina, she and her ex-husband managed to maintain a good relationship for the sake of the child. The boy communicates regularly with his father.

“He’s coming to visit. Sasha flies with him regularly for a month and a half in the summer. How else? We have a child together, we are adults. Why don’t we agree? Of course, we will agree. I am very glad that we were able to reach an agreement. It is important. And then I had an example before my eyes: mom and dad, who communicate well, are friends, call each other. Dad already has a third family,” the singer admitted.

Dena with her eldest son Sasha. Photo: social networks.

Lena Katina was born in Moscow, her father is Sergei Katin, creator of the group Dune and author of many songs of this popular musical group. The girl’s parents divorced her and she was raised by her mother and her stepfather. Lena began studying music at the age of four, first in a club and then, at the age of eight, at a music school, taking piano lessons. At the age of 10, Katina began performing in the children’s ensemble “Avenue”, in which she sang for three years.

Then Lena moved to the vocal and instrumental ensemble “Fidgets”, where she became friends with Yulia Volkova. Together with Yulia, she later sang in the Tatu group. Their duet appeared in 1999, when Lena passed a casting organized by the group’s producer Ivan Shapovalov. Lena Katina was 15 years old at the time and Yulia Volkova was 14. Their duo broke up in 2011.

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